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First Love

Openning: 15/07/2010
La Villarroel, Barcelona
Autor: Samuel Beckett
Version: José Sanchis Sinisterra
Translation: Anna Soler
Concept/Playing: Pere Arquillué
Creation: Àlex Ollé and Miquel Górriz


We must laugh or to cry in the face of the monstrous description of the first (and only) love of the protagonist of this piece?
Beckett situates us in this work, written in 1946, in the face of a story of tragic humor. Pere Arquillué plays a tortured man expelled from his home when his father dies. Perhaps, he loves for a moment the prostitute who seduces him but, if he gives himself to the love, is only to get it out of one's mind. Àlex Ollé and Miquel Gorriz sign a stage direction that, as in other Beckett's creations, the words make us smile and silences lead to horror.