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Premiere: 2/05/2017
Opéra Lyon
Lyon, France
Compositor: Willibald Gluck
Libreto: Ranieri Calzabigi
Stage Director: Àlex Ollé (La Fura dels Baus)
Set Designer: Alfons Flores
Costume Designer: Josep Abril
Video: Franc Aleu
Lighting Director: Marco Filibec
With the collaboration of: Susana Gomez


Misfortune enters a wealthy family home. Only a distraction, an accident changes the happy destiny of a couple in love. Alceste looks at her husband on the verge of death, in a deep coma. She, a modern and pragmatic woman, will try everything humanly possible to save the man for whose life she believes herself responsible.

After a revelation of what seems the afterlife and against any medical prognosis, Admetus returns to life and she, in fair correspondence, considers that she must die. Hercules is the confidant and friend capable of crossing over the tangible world of the intensive care unit and the dream universe from where he will have to recover Alceste.

Can he work this miracle in a society that does not believe in the power of faith?